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  • Publication: October 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-915252-52-4
  • Size: 280 x 216 mm
  • Extent: 40pp
  • HB £12.99
  • Age: 4+
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Cori DoerrfeldClick here for biography


Finn is in a horrible mood and doesn't want to talk about it, but after some persuading, agrees to go for a hike with Grandpa. Throughout their forest walk, they see many different things: big, strong trees with networks of roots growing underneath, still water with schools of fish swimming below, and an expectant bird with eggs nestled under her. Grandpa explains that people also have hidden feelings beneath the surface, and despite appearances, may be feeling the same way you do.

A wonderful tool to help when tackling difficult conversations about feelings and emotions.

Praise for this book:

'A boy in a grump agrees to go on a hike with Grandpa, and as they explore the forest they talk about how other people might be feeling bad, even if they don’t show it on the surface. From the creator of The Rabbit Listened.' THE BOOKSELLER

'The poignant text by award-winning Cori Doerrfeld incites young readers to think deeply and challenge their perceptions about how we see the world and the people around us. The illustrations glow with warmth and wonder. Whether the topic is family, nature, thinking skills, understanding other people or circle time discussion, EYFS teachers will find ‘Beneath’ an invaluable picture book.' SCHOOL READING LIST

'This apparently simple, beautiful book (rather like Doerrfeld’s previous book The Rabbit Listened, which was part of the 2020 Empathy Lab collection of books) contains a profound message about looking beyond appearances and understanding that we all have stuff going on under the surface. It’s a gorgeous read, worded simply and effectively, and Doerrfeld’s soft, kind and heart-warming illustrations are perfect.' BOOKTRUST

'Beneath is a perfect way to talk about how we look and feel and how those things may well be different. It allows for discussions about physical differences but also emotional aspects that may be hidden from view. It demonstrates how important an intergenerational relationship can be and how families can support each other through tough times.' JUST IMAGINE

'A beautiful book, which takes seriously children’s emotions (there is a subtle narrative about bereavement and grief which could be drawn out if appropriate).' CHURCH TIMES

'Encourages children to think about what lies beneath the surface in people's hearts and minds. Through empathy, Finn learns to cope with his own emotions as well as support others. This is a lovely story for FS & KS1.' SCOPE FOR IMAGINATION

'Grandpa helps Finn to realise that how people are feeling isn’t always obvious. It gradually becomes clear that they are both feeling the same sense of loss & the endpaper subtly confirms the reason. #Beneath is a gentle, reassuring book about grief.' WRITE ABOUT BOOKS


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