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My RhinecerosPlease come to meet Jon Agee at his book launch on 4th October at 19.00 at GOSH.


QUEEN OF THE CLASSROOMSHELLY HEN LAYS EGGSCongratulations to Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley Newton, and to Deborah Chancellor and Julia Groves, whose QUEEN OF THE CLASSROOM and SHELLY HEN LAYS EGGS are shortlisted for the TEY Awards 2022 FinalistTeach Early Years Award 2022

Klaus Flugge Prize

Tale of the WhaleTHE TALE OF THE WHALE is short listed for the Klaus Flugge Prize

Queen of the Classroom


The perfect book to reinforce excitement and empower young readers starting school or any other new experience.

Granny Pip


Buying fruit is easy, but what if we had to grow our own? Find out in the fourth Follow My Food title.

It's only Stanley

Smaller paperback with card pages and rounded corners

'Oh, it's fun, this book. Absurd, silly, laugh-out-loud funny. Perfect for a read-aloud. Perfect for guessing what happens next. Agee has done it again.' JUST IMAGINE

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