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My Dad is a Tree - Jon Agee
  • May 2023
  • ISBN 978-1-915252-17-3
  • 279 x 203mm
  • 40pp
  • HB: £12.99
  • Age 4+
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My Dad is a Tree


Jon AgeeClick here for biography

Do you want to be a tree? It's easy.

Pretend your arms are branches, your body is a trunk, and your legs are roots. Then stand in one place and see what happens! If your parent is as patient as the dad in this story, you might get to stay outside all . . . day . . . long!

Even though, as the story builds, many different creatures alight on Dad, he gets wet, and night falls, despite himself he enters into his daughter's make-believe world and finds himself relaxing and having fun. Themes of mindfulness and empathy with nature accompany the feel-good exuberance as father and daughter play together outside.

Praise for this book:

'Agee’s deadpan humour finds perfect expression in this absurd and funny story about a put-upon father whose young daughter Madeleine insists they stay outside in the garden ‘all day long’ pretending to be trees. As various creatures take up residence on dad’s ‘branches’ it starts to rain, and, as night falls, Dad’s patience wears thin but Madeleine’s cheerful optimism about their joint venture sustains the fantasy. Agee conveys so much emotion through changing facial expression in the simple but bold illustrations, and the bond between father and daughter is truly heartwarming.' Daily Mail

'Packed with playful illustrations and the author’s unique, exuberant charm, this is Agee at his entertaining and empathetic best. Treemendous fun!' Lancaster Guardian

'Agee’s dead pan telling and collage style illustrations of a young child challenging parental authority are delightfully droll. Parents beware if you share this one, who knows what might happen.' Books For Keeps, Editor’s Choice

'With his signature humour and delightful illustrations, Agee takes us on a unique journey that celebrates the bond between a child and their father, demonstrating that love knows no bounds.' Just Imagine

'Engaging, direct, subtle, thought-provoking. A trick I think all writers for children have to appreciate is how to reveal the illogical, eccentric and absurd side to life and people. I’m sure very young children are wired to see this, and it’s only the pressures of the conformity-world which squeezes it out of them.' School Reading List

'This is such a wonderful book! Jon Agee has captured the whimsy and innocence of imaginative play and Dad’s dedication to joining in with his daughter is delightful, the love between them perfectly captured. Sure to become a firm favourite for lingering over and sharing again and again.' Through The Bookshelf


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