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I want a Dog - Jon Agee
  • September 2023
  • ISBN 978-1-915252-10-4
  • 280 x 216mm
  • 40pp
  • PB: £7.99
  • Age 3+
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I Want A Dog


Jon AgeeClick here for biography

The Copley County Animal Shelter has an aardvark, a lizard, a goose, a weasel, and plenty more. But do they have a dog? One little girl is determined to take home a dog, and she will not take 'no' for an answer!

A hilarious subversion of the standard you-cannot-have-a-pet trope.

Praise for this book:

'Desiring a pet is a rite of passage for children. So it is for the protagonist of Jon Agee’s I Want a Dog … Agee’s illustrations use visual humour to complement the story’s absurdity, as we watch the owner of the shelter get more and more desperate to please his young customer. This is a delightfully amusing story, which brings to life both pet and pester power for young readers.' THE IRISH TIMES

'Jon Agee’s typically witty, clever picture book puts a fresh spin on the ‘I want a pet’ story … The comedy derives from the parade of so many unsuitable pets, the little girl’s determined refusal to accept them, and the man’s changing demeanour - confidence, desperation, hope again - all perfectly depicted in Agee’s deadpan illustration style; but the immediate connection we see between the little girl and Lucinda is powerful, a moment of true love.' BOOKS FOR KEEPS, 5/5 stars

'A good read-aloud book to help discuss decision-making, choices and expectations with preschool children.' SCHOOL READING LIST

'The interaction between the girl and the man at the animal shelter is superb - signature Agee wry humour, coupled with watercolour illustrations rendered in subdued colours (apart from the thick black outlines) and a perfectly paced text that includes a hilarious final twist. A winner with this reviewer and so will it be with young listeners and beginner readers who will soon be joining in with the girl’s part of the dialogue.' RED READING HUB

'As with his previous books, this one is hilarious, and I’ve said it before, his sense of humour is unique: it’s simple and somehow has a touch of clever imaginative silliness to it that makes it distinctive and incomparable in many ways. To learn more about this book, keep reading, and join me in a visit to the Happydale Animal Shelter!' THE KIDS BOOKSTAGRAMMER

'Another perfectly illustrated, humour-filled read to appeal to adults and children alike.' Book & Gift Blogger

'I love John Agee’s books because they remind me of the picture books I would choose from the library as a child in Canada - classic water colours with characters who demand to take centre stage and a story that makes you laugh with surprise and delight at each page turn. They are perfect to share at bedtime or for a fun class read aloud.' SCOPE FOR THE IMAGINATION


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