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On Poetry Street by Brian Moses and Mark Elvins
  • Publication: May 2024
  • ISBN: 978-1-915252-58-6
  • Size: 216 x 135 mm
  • Extent: 112pp
  • HB £10.99
  • Age 7+
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Brian introduces On Poetry StreetBrian introduces On Poetry Street

On Poetry Street

Brian MosesClick here for biography

Mark ElvinsClick here for biography

Join our Poetry Street party and get creative!

Do you like stringing words together to see what they look like and what they sound like?

Do you have rhythms dancing in your head as you drift through the day?

Do you rhyme all the time while your feet tap a beat?

If you answered YES to all or most of these questions then you're pretty much hooked on words.

Now - together - let's take a walk down Poetry Street!


Praise for this book:

'This is an engaging read for children and adults looking to impart a love of poetry through the magic of laughter. The illustrations perfectly match the tone and wit of the poems and bring to life humorous pets, children, dragons and rock stars, among other delightful characters. Certain to make children and adults laugh at the clever rhymes and comedic tales within its pages, this book is a gateway to a magical world of words.' Children's Books Ireland (INIS)

'Brian Moses has a long history of entertaining children with his poems while also inspiring them to write their own. This collection is perfect for doing both. Mark Elvins witty illustrations bring out the best of the humour while also offering interesting interpretations of some of the ideas. Perfect for entertaining children with poems while also inspiring them to write their own.' Love Reading - Julia Eccleshare

'If you've been enjoying Joseph Coelho's Poetry Prompts then you're also going to love Brian Moses' On Poetry Street. Young people will be itching to try out rhymes. Entertaining black and white illustrations from Mark Elvins add to the appeal.' Books for Keeps


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