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The Tale of the Whale by Karen Swann, illustrated by Padmacandra
  • February 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-915252-11-1
  • Size: 275 x 240 mm
  • Extent: 32pp
  • HB: £12.99
  • Age 4+
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Don't Be Silly!

Click here for biography Padmacandra introduces her bookPadmacandra introduces her book

Bouncy Bo and little Smudge
Lived in a CASTLE, with their father, Mr Judge ...

Bouncy Bo and Little Smudge live in a sombre castle with their serious father. They are full of laughter and mischief, but it seems as if all the adults have forgotten how to smile . . . until an eye-opening visit to their grandparents proves otherwise!

An entertaining romp involving two lively children, one canny cat, one world weary Judge, a castle, two surprising grandparents, a caravan, and any amount of mice, this theatrical story has a strong repeating rhythm and repeating phrase, that encourages fun participatory reading together.

There is plenty to look at in the pictures for eagle eyed youngsters to spot. The book is aimed at children from 2 to 6 yrs old, and their grown-ups. This is a book in which the medium is the message: a celebration of play, and playfulness as a way to be creative and resourceful in the world.

The Tale of the Whale by Karen Swann, illustrated by PadmacandraPadmacandra has also illustrated The Tale of the Whale, which won the Derby Book Award, and was shortlisted for North Somerset Teacher's Award, the Spark Schools Book Award and the 2022 Klaus Flugge Prize for illustration and design.



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