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Ivy Newt & The Time Thief
  • September 2023
  • 978-1-915252-33-3
  • 178 x 126mm
  • 176pp, £7.99
  • Age 5+
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Ivy Newt & The Time Thief

Derek KeiltyClick here for biography

Magda BrolClick here for biography


Ivy Newt has a new mystery to solve. Why does the spooky house over the bay only appear for one day every Halloween?

Naturally Ivy's parents have forbidden her to go investigating the creepy old house, and naturally she sets off with Tom 'just to fly over and have a look'! Soon they are wrapped up in a new adventure: a race against time to break a powerful spell and outwit a crazy sorcerer, all before the last stroke of midnight ...

Introducing Magpie Meg, a witch whose thieving habits have got her into trouble, and Thaddeus Creep, a reclusive sorcerer with a grudge against almost everyone especially interfering children. All illustrated in Magda Brol's funny and characterful style and set in atmospheric new corners of the world of Miracula.


Praise for this book:

'Perfect for Halloween' THE BOOKSELLER PREVIEW

'Perfect for children who are just making the step into longer chapter books. Full of magic and adventure, it would make a fantastic class read aloud in Key Stage One during the autumn term … Magda Brol's black and white illustrations are so charming! Ivy and Tom are sure to become favourite characters as readers are absolutely captivated by their adventures.' SCOPE FOR IMAGINATION

'This is a truly delightful series of books for those who are just gaining confidence in their reading. The stories themselves are enhanced by the magical illustrations of Magda Brol … This is highly recommended and I can't wait for more adventures from this wonderful duo.' MARGARET PEMBERTON

'A fast-paced adventure series for emerging readers, set in the magical world of Miracula. With wonderful, dramatic black and white illustrations throughout, enhancing the atmosphere of wizardry, peril and fun.' LIBRARY GIRL AND BOOK BOY

'Fun and atmospheric illustrations by Magda Brol add to a lively mystery plot and Ivy Newt is an ideal fantasy series to get less confident readers hooked on short chapter books.' SCHOOL READING LIST

'Enter the magical world of Miracula... and discover a truly bewitching adventure! Master storyteller Derek Keilty from Belfast weaves his world-building wonders in the second all-action adventure of his enchanting Ivy Newt chapter book series … With lots of laughs, pages of fast-paced action to enjoy, a cast of superbly imagined characters, themes of justice, standing up to bullies and shared endeavour, and Brol's comical illustrations enhancing the atmosphere of wizardry, peril and fun, and adding extra zing and zest, this is the perfect book to launch youngsters into a lifetime of reading enjoyment.' LANCASHIRE EVENING POST

'A spooky adventure perfect for Halloween.' BOOKBOUND



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